Midas Monkee, one of the most prominent studios telling African fantasy tales in America, has just announced a 5 day event called the Midas Monkee Expo. This will run from the 10th to the 14th of February, 2017. Midas Monkee will showcase a different product for each day of the Expo. Kugali will be on top of this, and will provide you with all the latest news fresh out the horse’s mouth.

We have had Paul Louise-Julie, the founder of Midas Monkee, as a guest on the Kugali Podcast thrice now, and we have read everything the studio released in their first phase of production. We also wrote a blog post in March 2016 detailing Midas Monkee’s proposed phase 2 releases. Since most of the things on that list haven’t launched yet, and with all the conversations we’ve had with Paul, we can give educated guesses on what to expect from the Expo. So without further ado, here are our top 5 predictions.

1. More of The Pack

This one is obvious. If the Expo doesn’t tell the release schedule for the remaining two books in the Egyptian Saga of The Pack, then all the rest of our predictions might as well be wrong. The first three books kicked off the series in Egypt, but we know that The Pack will go to Nubia, Sokoto and other places in Aya, the fictional fantasy version of Africa in which the story is set. We need the last 2 books in the Egyptian Saga to drop, so we can finally start exploring Nubia in the next saga.

The Pack Midas Monkee

2. Dwarves

If you look closely at the promotional image for Dwarves, you can spot an African mask whose design inspired one of our Kugali masks. And for good reason, Paul designed our Kugali masks for us. While we’re at it, he also designed the map and emblems in Youneek Studio’s Malika graphic novel. However, we haven’t heard much about Dwarves in all our conversations with Paul, so we’re not sure if it’s still coming in 2017. The expo will tell, either way.

Dwarves Midas Monkee

3. Rains of Dara

Midas Monkee had a Kickstarter campaign in 2016 to print physical copies of their books, and Kugali backed the campaign, because we love dope stuff. We also have access to all the project updates Midas Monkee releases exclusively to backers, so we’ll let you in on a little secret. There’s a graphic novel dropping shortly after the Midas Monkee showcase that Kickstarter backers will be getting, and we can tell you that it is set in the same world as Yohance. Out of respect for the other Kickstarter backers, we won’t release the promo art shown to backers until and unless Midas Monkee publicly announces this during the showcase.


4. More Yohance

This is another obvious announcement. Yohance is a space opera with a uniquely Afrofuturist aesthetic, and I don’t use the term “unique” lightly. Yohance had gained twice as much followers as The Pack before the first issue of Yohance dropped, with two stellar issues of The Pack already on the market. With such a strong following, we can’t imagine Midas Monkee not releasing at least one more Yohance book this year.

5. A New IP

Midas Monkee has surprised us with at least one new, great looking product every time they’ve made press releases. With such a track record, we know there will be at least one mind-blowing surprise in store for us. Be it Voor, Kush, Candace, Rains of Dara or something totally unannounced, we expect to hear of a new project launching very soon that readers can enjoy in the ever expanding Midas Monkee Universe

Did we miss any obvious predictions? If you have any predictions in mind ahead of February 10th, let us know in the comments section.