Investing in Africa’s Digital Age Children





This year VEXPO, a Vortex Studios International initiative, returns to Lagos. The Pan-African event platform focuses on African Creative Content, Geek Culture, and Entertainment Technology. With the aims of community development and the growth of Africa’s content industry, VEXPO also makes a long term investment in both. As the world moves quickly into the digital age, Africa is ready to show what it has to offer.

In its second year, VEXPO already boasts both African and international partners from Spoof Animation to Samsung. There will be three events this year: Comics and Everything, the Creative Content Conference (C3), and Club Crea8. The theme for this year’s VEXPO is Africa First! Growing Our Roots. As the African creative content industry continues to expand, investment in its future becomes more and more important. 


Club Crea8: A long term investment in Africa’s creative content industry

What type of investment does the African creative content industry need? Club Crea8, an ‘edutainment’ event for children aged 5 to 16, stands out as one example.



Club Crea8 will be the largest digital event for this age group to happen in Nigeria.


At Club Crea8, children will get to try out digital experiences including games from local developers like Kiro’o Games (creators of Aurion) and products from international brands such as LEGO. Children can expect to see a a VR Arena, a Robotics Village, and other activities. As the children engage in creative learning through high quality international and African produced digital entertainment, Club Crea8 will show them various avenues in the creative content industry as well as their potential in the digital age. Welcome to the new Africa!

VEXPO 2017 kicks of on August 4th, at Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island, with its two main events, C3 and Club Crea8. Head over to the VEXPO website and check out everything this year’s exposition has to offer!