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 The tale of brothers Khenti & Nekhet continues in the third issue of the pack, as the brothers become more accustomed to their powers and face new threats.

Seven months after the events of Issue 2, we find our heroes in the port city of Aswan after recruiting a group of former assassins, thieves and mercenaries to form the Jackals. Raiding of royal caravans has led to the group further attracting the attention of wary noblemen also further irritating the Pharaoh Akhenaten. Living large with a band of werewolf cutthroats comes with a price.


The Pack continues its amazing run of spectacular cinematic art style, and also expanding the motivations of the Pharaoh Akhenaten. We also gain a glimpse into the background of one of my favorite characters Nephti. A beautiful dame with a tragic past, who I wouldn’t mind being ripped to shreds by. Our heroes hope to cash in on their last raid and flee to Nubia but they encounter a new threat, more challenging than last. Issue 3 of the pack continues to string an engaging plot that sometimes leaves me with bated breath.


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