Kugali Spotlight: Welinthon Nommo 


K: What gave you the courage to pursue a career in art?

WN: I believe it was rather knowing what I really wanted in my life. To know what I wanted to do with it and above all things, to do what I most liked, drawing. Also, the power to create non-existent or imaginary things, create stories, give life to a character that in one way or another could connect with someone, feeling that way its what gave me the courage to become an artist.

K: Describe the reaction of your family and close friends when you told them you want to pursue a career in art

WN: It was never an issue to my family. I grew up in a household full of artistic and cultural experiences. My father, who is a really creative person, since he was young he got into painting, sculpting, fashion and he even made all the furniture of the house when he married my mother. It’s an awesome story hahaha… So we can say that my love for art is something that’s in my blood. My mother is the one who has given me support my whole life, for her it’s okay as long as I’m happy with whatever I’m doing.

At the school, I was always the one everyone in my classroom choose at the moment of drawing maps, the portraits of historical figures and stuff like that. When my parents, friends and relatives knew what I was going to do, it was like “I knew it”.

K: Now that you’re professional there’s a certain level of quality your fans have come to expect. Has this changed your creative process?

WN: My creative process haven’t changed, I think that the quality of my work is the result of all those years of practice and experiences. It’s not something that changes just by the pressure of an audience or requirements of someone. Sometimes people may think that putting a lot of details and a grand variety of colors will make your work the greatest thing ever or at least better than something less detailed but, even something simple can be awesome just by having a good composition, proportion, etc. I like diversity and having new experiences from a simple to a complex illustration and I think, the people who follow me have been able to appreciate that too.

K: Describe your favourite job or project and why?

WN: I have worked for some companies and I have been part of projects as an art director, illustrator, colorist and it’s hard to tell which my favorite is. But within those projects (video games and graphic novels) I have enjoyed the character design stage. That stage is one of those moments when you feel like a God hahahah… the fact that you are creating a persona or some being from another world makes you feel so powerful. I have enjoyed each stage of the projects I’ve been part of, because I’ve been able to grow as an artist in each of them since they require something unique during the creative process and also they make you think in all possible ways you can to solve a problem. I love illustration and I think that as long as I’m drawing and doing what makes me happy in a nice work environment, that’s the place I would like to be.

K: Describe your worst job or project and why?

WN: It’s true that we all have been involved in projects that we don’t like to even think about them. But based on my experience, I don’t think it’s the project itself, it’s rather the people in charge or the client who has done the request. It’s very complicated to work on something when you feel restrain, feeling that your creativity doesn’t flow naturally or the client treating you like a robot or just that the leader doesn’t know how to lead and communicate with you.

Being in a place where you cannot provide ideas and there isn’t a good interaction. It’s like being on a boat with no paddles. I had the opportunity to work on a touristic map and the clients thought that they knew more about illustration, design and composition than me, because as the sayings goes “the customer is always right”. Nobody is in the obligation to work for someone like that, at least in my opinion. So, I always try to know who I’m making business with.

K: Describe your creative process from the point of inspiration to completing a piece.

WN: It’s impossible to describe it. Because I can illustrate base on something that happen or from something on the news as well hearing people talk about some topic. I can just get inspired from another artist I like as well. Truth be told, I have no rule to start. Sometimes it has to do with my mood and what I do to deal with it. I always advise the people who ask “where do you get your inspiration from?” I always answer “from everything that’s around me”, so if you want to improve your creative process pay attention to your surroundings. And for the “creative block” look for inspiration in movies, read a book or go to a place you haven’t been before. I find it fun to look for ideas in other objects shape.

K: What do you think separates good art from great art?

WN: Good art needs to have what I said before: good composition, good use of proportion and to communicate an idea. That being said, good art and great art must have those quality and some others. But nowadays tell which is good and which is great, it’s something that has to do with what you like and your preferences. That why I place first the abilities of the artist and then I pay attention to the rest.

K: When you think about beautiful art what is the first name that comes to mind?+

WN: Absolutely hands down Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio. I’m a fan of his work and specially “The Entombment of Christ”. I also like Frank Frazetta.

K: If you could go 5 years in the past to talk to your younger self what would you say?

WN: I would have a lot to say but it would be something like: It doesn’t matter how difficult you think it is, don’t stop and keep going; it doesn’t matter how hard the task is, do not question the path you’ve chosen as long as you want to do it. Even if there are people who don’t believe in you or don’t believe in what you do, trust in you. And something is really important do not get obsessed comparing your work with the work of others, focus on improving and grow every day.

K: Who are your top 5 favourite artists?


  • Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio
  • Frank Frazetta
  • Kim Jung Gi
  • Joe Madureira
  • Chase Conley

K: Describe your art in a sentence?

WN: I love what I do

K: What can we expect from you in the future?

WN: Well, I’ve been working on graphic novels that are going to be available soon, also some designs for video games as well. There are a lot of thing that little by little are going to be shown very soon. I also want to thank you for the interview and the opportunity to let more people know about me.

For more of his art check out his: Facebook | Deviantart