Kugali Spotlight: Manasseh Johnson


This week we have Manasseh Johnson a self-taught artist who currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. His artistic journey began at the age of three drawing his favourite comic book characters. After receiving encouragement from his mother he began to take art seriously. Over the years he has broadened his skill set teaching himself to airbrush, caricature, and then specialising in portraiture and realism. He has been commissioned by from clients from various countries including places like France, Australia, Israel, and Canada. His work has been featured in Colour Pencil Magazine.


K: What gave you the courage to pursue a career in art?

MJ: Well most of my family recognised my talent but only a select few actually support me.

K: Describe the reaction of your family and close friends when you told them you wish to pursue a career in art

MJ: They really never gave me an actual reaction good or bad.

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K: Now that you’re professional there’s a certain level of quality your fans have come to expect. Has this changed your creative process?

MJ: I just put in a lot of practice and had faith in the talent God has given me.

K: Describe your favourite job or project and why?

MJ: My favorite pieces to create are the hyperrealistic pieces. They test your patience and the outcome is usually very satisfying. I particularly love the Peyton Manning piece I created which took over 30 hrs.

K: Describe your worst job or project and why?

MJ: I can’t say I’ve had a ‘worst job’. I’ve enjoyed all my projects.

K: Describe your creative process from the point of inspiration to completing a piece.

MJ: I get inspired by looking at other great artists work. It really motivates me. Once I’m motivated I begin laying out a sketch usually while listening to some soulful music. After the sketch, I trace it with a light board onto the final paper. Once the final outline is laid out, I begin colouring.      

K: What do you think separates good art from great art?

MJ: What separates good art from great art, in my opinion, is just simply taking creativity to the next level and thinking outside the box.

K: When you think of beautiful art what’s the first name that comes to mind?

MJ: My wife and kids

K: Kugali Laboratories has created a device that allows you to could call yourself five years into the past, however, the call only lasts 15 seconds what would you say? only lasts 15 seconds what would you say to your younger self?

MJ: I would just tell myself to push my creativity to the max and stay true to myself no matter what anyone says.  

K: What is your favourite Illustration or design?

MJ: I don’t really have one particular, I love all my works, they’re my babies

K: Describe your art in a sentence

MJ: Art for the people

K: What can we expect from you in the future?

MJ: I plan to do some art shows, travel, expand my brand, maybe even host some workshops.


For more art check out his: Website | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter