1) Le Son de Flames

Created by French animator and storyteller Gibaud Vincent, this beautiful short film follows the adventure of an old kora player that purifies a sick forest through his music. There’s no dialogue but the film’s stunning visuals and heartfelt music is more than enough to compensate.

2) Adumu

Adumu is the story of an unlikely clash between a tribesman, a lion and a mercenary. Created by Adam Temple the story begins when a young mercenary finds himself stranded in the heart of the savanna. Unbeknownst to him a hungry lion lurks beneath the grass. A tribesman swoops in to try and save the mercenary but things don’t go as planned.

3) EXO (Concept)

Exo is a popular graphic novel about a young Nigerian superhero that battles against a paramilitary orgainisation trying to take over Lagoon City(a futuristic version Lagos City, Nigeria). Creator Roye Okupe has long term ambitions to produce an animated adaptation of the Graphic novel so he developed this short concept video to show Exo fans what the future may have in store. If you enjoyed part 1 make sure to check out part 2.

4) Wagazuei

Created by Kenyan game developer and animator Andrew Kaggia this 3-D animated short film was created to toll on the 2012 Keyan elections. Kaggia re-imagines Kenyan politicians as transformer like robots and instead of a democratic election they battle it out to the death.

5) The Sim

A young Girl caught in a computer simulation must fight her way through to survive. However, a shocking reality awaits her.

6) Area

A Nigerian comedy series that pokes fun at all aspects of contemporary Nigerian culture. This particular is a parody about the increasing fuel/gas prices in Nigeria.

7) Orishas Journey

Based on African folklore, “Orisha’s Journey” is a fantasy tale of a girl’s journey through the spirit world where she is forced to remember the importance of her on tribe’s history and heritage or remain in order to return home.