1) Orisha Pikin

Created by South Africa based Congolese writer Kinyidou Yamakasi, Orisha Pikin, is an urban fantasy comic series that reimagines our Yoruba deities as young mischievous infants that embark on a series of wacky adventures. The story weaves mythology and light hearted humour to create a gripping tale about love, friendship and unity.

2) Ganyamuto

Ganyamuto is a sci-fi comic book series set in the far future in a world where human are now extinct. Follow the adventures of Ganyamuto, the protector of this new world. Ganyamuto was written and created by Tinodiwa Makoni, a comic book artist based in Zimbabwe.

3) Canary 7even

Created by Drofu, a Lagos-based artist, Canary 7even is an action adventure comic book series set in the ancient realm of Nkarim, a fictional world inspired by West African history and tradition. The story follows a group of warriors known as the 7eveners and in particular, one young boy’s quest to become an Arch-7evener, the highest honour bestowed on a 7evener.

4) Kwezi

Kwezi is one of the first black South African superheroes to grace the world of comics. It is the story of a young city dweller who discovers that he has superhuman abilities. As a young man Kwezi allows his newfound powers to go to his head and uses his powers to achieve celebrity status. One day he discovers three individuals with similar abilities and for the first time Kwezi finds that he’s not alone. He joins forces with his new companions and together they embark on a mission to discover the mystery behind their strange abilities. Kwezi was written and illustrated by Loyiso Mkize, a South African visual artist based in Cape Town.

5) Dunamis

Set in Makutano, a sprawling, ramshackle settlement, the story revolves around five kids living with disabilities who discover that they are gifted with powers.  The kids initially come together to stop an evil witch doctor however, they soon become friends.  Together the kids discover their own strengths and also find support in one another as they go through life with their respective disabilities. Dunamis was created by the Avadu, an arts collective based in Nairobi.