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Cannon Busters In the world of Gearbolt magic is now extinct and it’s inhabitants have turned to science and technology to further their civilisation. With the Kingdom now defenceless against magic, a mysterious sorcerer known as Locke attacks and seizes control of Gerabolt. S.A.M, a Royal friendship droid is separated from her companion Prince Kelby who was forced to […]
Last week Midas Monkee released their production schedule giving us a glimpse of the new fantastical universe the company is trying to build. Paul Louise-Julie, writer, artist and founder of Midas Monkee has made no secret about his intention to emulate JRR Tolkien. In the same way that Tolkien created the world of Ea in […]
The Tao of Otaku Podcast has composed this list from books that have captured to some degree the essence of the Black experience. Of course Afro Caribbean culture is so vast and diverse therefore, we have also attempted to emulate this by choosing equally diverse books written by authors from all over the African Diaspora […]
“Have you ever wanted to be president or prime-minister? Convinced you could do a better job of running the country? Let’s face it, you could hardly do a worse job than our current political leaders.” That was the opening paragraph on Positech Game’s official Democracy 3 page, and it is the opening paragraph on their […]
Aurion: the Legacy of Kori-odan Africa’s first fantasy RPG became a reality last year when when Aurion was successfully funded on Kickstarter. Developed by Kiro’o Games, a studio based in Cameroon, Aurion follows the adventures of Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama, a fictional state in the fantasy world of Auriona.  Enzo was scheduled to marry his lifelong […]
Characters like Black Panther, Cyborg and Luke Cage have shown us that black people are also capable of saving the day so isn’t it time we begin to see the other side of the coin? The sad truth is that as much as we don’t see enough of black superheroes in films, comics or TV […]
 The tale of brothers Khenti & Nekhet continues in the third issue of the pack, as the brothers become more accustomed to their powers and face new threats.
       Jongo, Africa’s First Superhero TV Show, just finished its debut run on TV. People all over Africa could watch it on BET. Was it a great show? Did it fall short of expectations? Jongo is the brainchild of a white South African. Did it represent African culture and black people well? I […]
      The world’s first African Superhero TV Show is here, and it’s a good start. Jongo is a love letter to African superhero and Sci-fi fans. It’s made of good ideas but the terrible acting keeps it from being great. Here’s our article on why we think YOU should be talking about it.  
1) The Eloko A dwarf-like creature that lives in the forest. They are believed to be malevolent spirits of the dead with a grudge to settle against the living. A typical Eloko tale goes as follows: A hunter and his wife found themselves with no food to eat so the hunter decided to go and procure wild game […]
1) Nubiamancy Created by aspiring filmmaker Asante Masawa, Nubiamancy looks at Scifi, Fantasy and Horror through and Afro-Caribbean lens. The word Nubia is associated with Africa and black people while Mancy is derived from the Ancient Greek word manteía which means magic. Therefore, Nubiamancy can roughly be translated to black magic which is appropriate since all of the art […]
KARIBA Animation Teaser trailer from BLUE FOREST on Vimeo. Heres a list of graphic novels, we love and believe offer a unique story and something fresh that you’ve never seen before.
If you’re a fan of Japanese anime and manga chances are you’ve noticed that characters with dark skin hardly ever show up. Even when they do they are often portrayed as criminals or slaves (not to dissimilar to hollywood actually).
I don’t think I can remember a year gone by where there wasn’t at least one film (if not 2 or 3) film released that was inspired by Greco-Roman Mythology. In fact I think that this trend goes beyond film and extends into all areas of storytelling whether it is gaming, fiction or comics. We […]
It wasn’t long ago that gaming and Africa were two words you would almost never see in the same sentence. Fortunately that trend is now a thing of the past with the gaming industry in across Africa beginning to grow at an accelerated pace and developers across the world taking an interest in many of the […]
1) The Game Bakers An awesome indie games studio based in Montpellier, France. The Game Bakers are actually situated atop a bakery, hence the name. Despite being independent, these guys have developed several world class games such as Combo Crew,the first beat’em up for mobile to have touch controls and asynchronous multiplayer and the Squids’ franchise, […]
During a conversation between well known comedian, Joe Rogan and founder of Vice Media Shane Smith on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast I came across the term Africa Fatigue for the first time. Smith used ‘Africa Fatigue’ to describe the growing level of disillusionment people are beginning to feel having been bombarded with numerous stories of how poverty, […]
The Australian TV Show, Cleverman debuted just over 2 weeks ago and is now into it’s second episode. As the first high profile SciFi TV production to be centred on Aboriginal Australians and their culture (80% of the cast are Indigenous Australians), Cleverman is breaking new ground when it comes to diversity in the superhero genre. […]
Today, Triggerfish Animation Studios released A Dogshow with Cat, a South African animation short licensed by The Walt Disney Company. A Dogshow with Cat is the first animation to be released following last year’s Triggerfish Story Lab, an initiative designed to develop South African screenwriters and directors. The Triggerfish Story Lab features a host of […]
Across the majority of cultures around the world it seems that the most famous warriors from history tend to be male. However, African history is very unique because there seems to be some level of parity when it comes to the popularity of both male and female historical figures particularly in the field of war […]
We’re only just about halfway through 2016 and already it looks like this could be the best year in the history of African animation. Much of this success has been spearheaded Triggerfish Animation Studios, a Cape Town-based film and entertainment company. They are currently developing four feature films and four TV series out of the1 […]
Marvel have done it again, comic book fans around the world have been gifted a new super heroine that embodies the diversity of the 21st century. Introducing Riri Williams, a 15 year old, female African American, MIT genius and heir to Tony Stark’s mantle as Iron Man. Regardless of their motives Marvel must be congratulated […]
As fans of Japanese anime and manga, we decided to compile a list of some of the more interesting manga and anime characters of color. Chances are you’ve noticed that characters with dark skin hardly ever show up or are portrayed in a stereotypical or negative light.  So we decided to explore some the notable exceptions. […]
Yesterday Nigeria based comic book publisher released the prequel to their upcoming Ojuju series. Written by Somto Ajuluchukwu the story re-imagines traditional Nigerian masquerades as magical beings that inhabit the modern world.  Iheme Odiete, the leader of the Egungun and Ekpe masquerade tribes awakens from a 100 year long slumber and is immediately sucked into […]
2018 will see the first two superhero movies directed by African Americans. First off we have Rick Famuyiwa, who recently took the helm at the Flash. Next we have Ryan Coogler directing Black Panther. It almost feels like too much of a coincidence that both of these films are slated for the same year and […]
1) Le Son de Flames Created by French animator and storyteller Gibaud Vincent, this beautiful short film follows the adventure of an old kora player that purifies a sick forest through his music. There’s no dialogue but the film’s stunning visuals and heartfelt music is more than enough to compensate. 2) Adumu Adumu is the […]
Half naked people wearing crudely made clothes, hunting animals in the jungle with crudely fashioned tools. That used to be the media’s portrayal of Africa, and the whole of Africa was often talked about as if it were one large country filled with numerous tribes. It’s 2016, and the media’s portrayal of Africa has stepped […]
      The purpose of this article isn’t to educate you on the socio-political importance of Marvel’s Black Panther character. This article already did a good job of that. The purpose of this article isn’t to rant about what Marvel’s writers and artists have not gotten right in portraying the character. Quite the opposite. We’re happy […]
LAST UPDATED: [4/10/2016]   In this Privacy Policy, “Company”, “we”, “us”, or “our” means Kugali,  the owner and operator of the website (the “Site”). Your privacy is important to the Partnership, and we take your privacy very seriously. We designed our Privacy Policy to cover how we collect and use your information in connection […]
This Agreement was last revised on the 4th of October 2010.   Welcome to, the website and online service of Kugali. (“Kugali” “we,” or “us”). This page explains the terms by which you may use our service. By accessing or using the Kugali’s services, website and software provided through or in connection with the […]
Yesterday at the New York Comic Con, Crunchyroll announced a surprise guest during their industry panel. It was none other than LeSean Thomas, a seasoned animation director that has worked on cartoons such as Black Dynamite, The Boondocks and The Legend of Korra. During the panel, it was announced that Thomas and Crunchyroll have been […]
The African fantasy role-playing game Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is getting a Hollywood movie adaptation by Good Fear Film. Chris Bender and Jake Weiner, the founders of Good Fear Films, announced the movie in a statement released to The Hollywood Reporter. Aurion was released on Steam and PC earlier this year by Cameroonian indie studio […]
Giveaway Refer a friend to Kugali and once they sign up both of you and your friend will stand a chance to win a free digital comic. Hurry up though, we only have 40 free comics to give away! Here’s how it works: Sign up for a Kugali account. Refer a friend here and once […]
The Kugali podcast is a show where we talk about comics, games, sci-fi, fantasy, TV shows and movies, novels and all that good stuff from the perspective of African geeks. The podcast is hosted by 3 Nigerian men, but from inception till the day of this writing, every episode has been recorded while the hosts […]
Samurai Shin is a harsh and bloody comic book series created by Mikel Miles. The story follows Amir Atsuko and Keith Masaru, two young warriors eager to prove that they are worthy of the title of Samurai however, there can only be one.  The first issue is out on Peep Game Comix and it’s clear that […]
Finding a video game that has an African or a person of African descent as the main character is a difficult task, but we’ve already done that for you on our media library. This blog post goes a step further. We’re highlighting games that have you playing as a black woman. This does not include […]
Midas Monkee, one of the most prominent studios telling African fantasy tales in America, has just announced a 5 day event called the Midas Monkee Expo. This will run from the 10th to the 14th of February, 2017. Midas Monkee will showcase a different product for each day of the Expo. Kugali will be on […]
Kugali Spotlight: Godwin Akpan For the next couple of weeks, we’ll be shining the spotlight on the creative forces behind some of our favourite content. This week we had the pleasure of interviewing Godwin Akpan, a full-time concept artist and illustrator for Anthill productions, a multimedia facility that offers services in media productions and post-production […]
Kugali Spotlight: Sy Blake  The artistic prowess of the London-born Toronto-based visual artist Simon ‘Sy’ Blake (also known as blckgold) speaks for itself. Though well versed in product design, animation and 2D illustration his creativity is best expressed in 3D sculptures. From textiles to hair textures his attention to detail is evident in each rendering. […]
Kugali Spotlight: Deryl Braun   K: What gave you the courage to pursue a career in art? DB: My lifestyle, I just can’t imagine working in a different field. I realised early that if I wanted to see success I would have to give my all. It also answered the question “what would you do […]
Kugali Spotlight: Nikolas Draper-Ivey   If I were to describe his art in one word it would be phantasmagorical, each piece possesses a dreamlike quality reflecting influences from both Eastern and Western art. Nikolas has expressed his creativity in a way that is truly unique and captivating while reading through the sample pages from the Dream […]
Kugali Spotlight: Ronja Melin Ronja Melin is a twenty-something year old artist from the Stockholm archipelago, Sweden, who’s been drawing since before she can remember.  Animals and nature were her main subjects until her mid-teens, when she started reading comics and fell in love with drawing characters. After studying game art at The Game Assembly […]
The Kings and Queens of Africa are a series of infographics presented by Kugali, a digital platform specialising in African Media. These infographics mark the beginning of the African History Collective, a series of art pieces, cartoons and podcasts that explore the hidden gems of African History. 1) Queen Nzinga aka the Tactician. We’ll be […]
If you’re familiar with Nigerian history at all, chances are that you’ve heard of Oduduwa, the first Ooni of Ife. Oduduwa is revered by many as the father of all Yoruba people. By establishing the Kingdom of Ife, Oduduwa created the first notable Yoruba kingdom in history. His exploits were so legendary that following his […]
Kugali Spotlight: Manasseh Johnson   This week we have Manasseh Johnson a self-taught artist who currently resides in San Antonio, Texas. His artistic journey began at the age of three drawing his favourite comic book characters. After receiving encouragement from his mother he began to take art seriously. Over the years he has broadened his skill […]
Kugali Spotlight: Mikhail Sebastian This week the spotlight shines on the SCAD graduate, entrepreneur and creator of the shōnen inspired Mythallica Lux Nova. The North Carolina native has had an affinity for creativity since the tender age of 2 and has not stopped drawing since. In this interview, we take the look at the inspiration behind work of Mikhail […]
Kugali Spotlight: Ntocha    Anthony Van Den Reysen, better known as Ntocha, is an art teacher at MJM Graphics High School. The Brazzaville-born and Paris raised artist has been drawing since he can remember. His passion for the craft led him to study 3D animation at ISARTDIGITAL (Higher Institute of Digital Art). Since then he has been […]
1) Orisha Pikin Created by South Africa based Congolese writer Kinyidou Yamakasi, Orisha Pikin, is an urban fantasy comic series that reimagines our Yoruba deities as young mischievous infants that embark on a series of wacky adventures. The story weaves mythology and light hearted humour to create a gripping tale about love, friendship and unity. […]
Kugali Spotlight: Welinthon Nommo    K: What gave you the courage to pursue a career in art? WN: I believe it was rather knowing what I really wanted in my life. To know what I wanted to do with it and above all things, to do what I most liked, drawing. Also, the power to […]
Deji Digital K: First and foremost welcome and thank you for taking part DD: Thanks brother, really appreciate it K: Let’s start off with the beginning of your artistic journey, what gave you the courage to pursue a career in art? DD: To be honest it was watching movies when I was younger. No matter […]
Kugali Spotlight: Hasani Claxton   Hasani Claxton is a visual artist, writer and educator from St. Kitts, West Indies. His love of art began with drawing in the first grade, but he did not initially pursue an art career. He studied Business Management at Morehouse College (1999) and Law at Columbia University (2003). While serving […]
Kugali Spotlight: Etubi Onucheyo K: Describe the reaction of your family and close friends when you told them you wish to pursue a career in art EO: I always say that I am one of the luckiest artists out there. As far close friends and family go I never had any other thing but support. K: That’s great […]
4 Graphic Novels We Can’t Wait to Read   Last year we saw the success of some great titles such as Is’nana the Were-Spider, Yohance and Tuskegee Heirs to name a few. Luckily for us, there is more great content to look forward to here are four unique & original stories that we can’t wait to read. […]
Kugali Spotlight: Shofela Coker   K: What gave you the courage to pursue a career in art?  SC: My brother was my earliest influence, and strongest source of belief that I could pursue a career in the specific branch of art that I chose to pursue. Of course, my father was an art professor and […]
Investing in Africa’s Digital Age Children         This year VEXPO, a Vortex Studios International initiative, returns to Lagos. The Pan-African event platform focuses on African Creative Content, Geek Culture, and Entertainment Technology. With the aims of community development and the growth of Africa’s content industry, VEXPO also makes a long term investment […]
This year, Vortex Studios International’s VEXPO returns to Lagos with an exciting new one day digital experience event for children aged 5 – 16 : Club Crea8. The event, which is free, will be both educational and entertaining for children, showing them all the digital age has to offer. The theme of this year’s VEXPO […]
Ron Ackins is a freelance illustrator and graphic designer currently residing in Philadelphia. His passion for art began at the age 5 following the positive encouragement he received from his mother after showing her a drawing. His latent talent was further facilitated by his high school art teacher, Carlos Moore, whom provided encouragement and some […]
Kugali Spotlight: Mshindo Kuumba   At first glance, it is apparent that you are looking at the work of an individual that has mastered their craft. Equipped with an meticulous approach and creative genius he is capable of transmuting a blank surface into a portal revealing unknown worlds teaming mythical life and fantastical landscapes, as if he […]

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