As fans of Japanese anime and manga, we decided to compile a list of some of the more interesting manga and anime characters of color. Chances are you’ve noticed that characters with dark skin hardly ever show up or are portrayed in a stereotypical or negative light.  So we decided to explore some the notable exceptions.

1. Dutch (Black Lagoon)


Dutch the boss, is the leader of the infamous mercenary group known as the Lagoon company. The lagoon company are smugglers and mercenaries for hire. Dutch is a former marine who went awol and became a mercenary. A calm and easy going character, Dutch handles the dealings with clients and also leads the company.

2. Killer Bee (Naruto)


Killer B is a powerful ninja from the Hidden cloud village and wielder of the eight tailed demon beast Gyuki’s power. He encounters the main character Naruto, and helps him learn to control his tailed demon beast. Easy going and hilarious Killer B aspires to be the best rapper in the world, but what he lacks in rap skills he makes up for in fighting prowess.

3. Caska (Berserk)


Caska is the female protagonist of the manga/anime Berserk, the only female member of the mercenary group called the Band of the Hawk lead by the charismatic Griffith. An adept warrior and leader, she serves as the driving force for the main protagonist Guts, as he sets out to cure her lost mental state caused by Griffith’s betrayal.

4. Fire Emblem (Tiger & Bunny)


Flamboyant and fiery  Nathan Seymour is the fire wielding super hero Fire Emblem, a capable hero with advanced skills and abilities. Nathan shines as a very lovable character and somewhat sympathetic due to his struggles with his gender identity and sexuality.

5. Kilik (Soul Eater)

KilikOne of the more stylish characters in a very stylish anime, Kilik is one of the top 3 strongest characters in his class, and one of the only characters to wield twin weapons. If you don’t know anything about Soul Eater, the weapons are living people with the ability to transform into weapons, and Kilik wields a fire gauntlet and a lightning gauntlet which happen to be….yes, you guessed it….two black girls!



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