4 Graphic Novels We Can’t Wait to Read


Last year we saw the success of some great titles such as Is’nana the Were-Spider, Yohance and Tuskegee Heirs to name a few. Luckily for us, there is more great content to look forward to here are four unique & original stories that we can’t wait to read.


1) Giallo Gumbo (story by Jahni Kwatrae, art by Wellingthon Nommo)

The human world and the world of the supernatural exist separately but equally; sharing the same astral plane at times. There are few who straddle the the line with the ability to walk amongst both worlds. These gifted beings see phenomenons and travel to places unknown to many who live in either world. Paavi Peyrou is one who has the ability to straddle this plane. In the human world limelight she’s a famous R&B/Hip-Hop singer diva. In the nocturnal world of the paranormal, she is the occult detective who operates under the nom de guerre, Risqué. As Risqué she hunts, slays, and solves mysteries that poses a threat to anything or anyone who jeopardize the existence of either world. As Paavi she is a talented singer, performer, and actress. In series Giallo Gumbo the Paavi takes the reader on a journey where they encountering those in the industry: producers, musicians, rappers, singers, actors, and filmmakers etc. In the occult society, Risqué is our tour guide who meets demigods, demons, monsters, magicians, ninjas, samurais etc. What is good, shall remain that and the same applies for that which is evil. In Giallo Gumbo the rules are played very differently especially when forbidden love occurs between Risqué and her archnemesis Stańczyk

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2) Detective Lancaster Bleu (Art & Story by Ron Ackins)

Detective Lancaster Bleu is a densely plotted futuristic drama with hints of film noir that takes place in America 40 to 50 years in the future after the Third world war decimates Western Civilization. Before World War 3 is over America is strategically bombed and reduced to a chaotic barbaric dystopic environment. The only place in America unaffected is a brand new city secretly built in the former state known as Arizona. Construction is funded entirely by a newly united West African country for African Americans and those seeking solitude from a corrupted western culture. The main character is Lancaster Bleu, a former heavyweight boxing champion who enlists into the Marines and fights in WW3. During the war Bleu’s God given gift, the ability to manipulate and interact with the Earth’s electromagnetic field manifests. Unable to control his newly manifested gift, the Marines issue Bleu 2 sets of gloves. One set called “Amps”, amplify his power, while the other set called, “Damps” dampen his power. One set offensive, the other defensive. After the war, Bleu returns home to the desolated ruins of America and eventually finds his way to the brand new city where he eventually joins the police force. The series will follow Bleu’s exploits as he masters self, his God-given gift and steps into the role of heroic leader thus ensuring the survival of African America’s first city.

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3) The Invention of E.J. Whitaker (Story by The Gibbs Sisters, Art by Mark Hernandez, Hasani McIntosh & Earl Womack)

The industrial revolution has given impetus to a host of technological advancements prompting many inventors to rush to secure patents and receive recognition for their efforts. Among them is Ada Turner, a brilliant inventor who faces a great challenge as a Black woman in a highly racist and patriarchal society. In an attempt to erase the double glass ceiling above her she goes adopts the pseudonym, E.J. Whitaker. Trouble ensues when her latest invention, a flying machine, garners national attention and she is pursued by wealthy businessmen who wish to procure her creation for their own financial gain. Follow Ada in this sci-fi adventure and she undergoes a journey of transformation and rediscovery.  

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4) KARIBA (Story & art by Blue Forest Collective)

KARIBA is a fantasy-adventure graphic novel inspired by the mythology and history surrounding the construction of one of the Kariba dam in the 1950s which was said to be undermined repeatedly by the river God, Nyami-Nyami. The story follows Sikuthe (the daughter of the river) and Amadeo (the son of the engineer in charge of the dams construction). Unaware of who her father is Siku must journey upriver to discover the answers to the mystery of her powers, and the strange events occurring in the river and its surrounding forests.

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